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Thanks for visiting Freukes.com.   This is the my personal domain and site.   I've created this page as a way to keep track of personal interests and share useful information.

Genealogical research has been an interest of mine for many years.   As a college student I was given an assignment to create a family tree spanning 5 generations.    At that time my research was limited to immediate family and library materials such as news clippings and microfiche of public records.  It was a tedious and time consuming project but it sparked an interest to find out more about my family and uncover the history behind the Freukes name.

Several years after graduation the WWW was introduced.   One of my very first internet searches was my surname of Freukes.  When it returned a few pages of results my interest was renewed.  With the help of search engines and genealogy sites such as familysearch.com I was able to access church, government and military records that helped me find many additional generations of the Freukes family.

The Freukes family is a fairly small group.   By my estimate there are less than 150 of us in the world currently.  As my research continues I hope to discover many more.   If you are a Freukes or if you have any information to contribute to my search I would like to hear from you.   My email address is at the bottom of this page.


Charles Freukes

Charles Freukes © 2016  Saint Louis, Missouri  e: charles@freukes.com